The Max Action Plan

The Max Action Plan provides an immediate look at your new Max International business. The highest earners in Max know that the best time to help a new Associate taste success is immediately after they enroll. Max has provided the Max Action Plan to give you a tool to get your new person started whether they are in your backyard or half-way around the world.



There is a difference between being busy and being effective. As a new Max Associate, you will want to clarify your primary reason for starting this business and organize your resources in a professional way. Here is what you need to do to “get organized.”



The principles taught in this section will help you learn how to “invite” by first listening to your potential prospects and then inviting them to do something that would address their needs.

You will refine your personal “story” and be ready to make a professional invitation to learn more about the products and opportunity.



Using TheMaxPro, your sponsor and/or upline, and Max International tools is “the most duplicatable way” to make the presentation of Max products and the Max opportunity.

Once you are comfortable with the Max Flipchart Presentation, you can begin using it to present to groups.



Everyone who is a Max Associate or Preferred Customer must be enrolled, or registered, in the Max genealogy system. Customer Service at Max International is the best way to start, but you should also know how to go into your virtual office and enroll new Associates and Customers. This section will help you learn those skills.