Power Training

A business building system is both a roadmap and a set of skills for communicating how TheMaxPro Associates work together to build our businesses. We have a common language, and a method for helping you become an expert in this profession as rapidly as possible.

Skill #1 – Identifying and Listing Everyone As Your Prospects

A lot of people think they don’t know anyone, so they cannot be successful in this business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Develop this skill and you will never run out of prospects.                                     


Skill #2 – Inviting Your Prospects to Understand Your Products and Opportunity       

A professional invitation is the gateway skill for success in our profession. TheMaxPro will help you know exactly how to get your prospects to “look at the Max opportunity, and try the Max products.”   


Skill #3 – Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects

Most people are terrified of making a presentation. With TheMaxPro you do not have to make the presentation. You will learn to use your upline, third parties and tools to tell the Max story which is far more duplicatable.                            


Skill #4 – Following Up with Your Prospects                                                                      

“The fortune is in the Follow-Up!” On average it takes 5-6 exposures for your prospect to be ready to launch their business. Learn how to link exposure to exposure so that your prospect gets educated and understands what the business is all about.

Skill #5 – Helping your Prospects Become Customers or Associates                               

When you prospect is ready, you will need to “close” them into becoming a Customer or an Associate. A professional close allows you to find out where they are in their decision without scaring them off. Learn to “ask them for their business like a pro.”

Skill #6 – Helping Your New Associate Get Started Right                                                 

TheMaxPro system of New Associate Orientation, the Max Action Plan, and Power Training gives confidence to your new Associate and provides an example of duplication to the organization. You will learn how to help someone get started fast, and duplicate their effort in building.

Skill #7 – Promoting Events                                                                                                 

A system of TheMaxPro events shows prospects how the business grows. From two-on-ones to the annual convention, you will learn how to effectively use events to be the catalyst for growth in your team.