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Being in touch with TheMaxPro equips you to communicate skillfully and effectively with your team. TheMaxPro is the source for the latest professional communication tools and techniques to grow your business.

Professionals are not born; they are made. Power Training through TheMaxPro will help you master the Seven Skills leading to your becoming an expert in this profession.

Napoleon once said, “Give me enough ribbon and I will conquer all of Europe.” See who is consistently working their business and seeing their organization grow and develop.

Give Back
Responsibility in TheMaxPro community means giving back. Through TheMaxPro and your business, you can support the charities and causes that are important to you, and help people who need it the most.

Getting Started


Welcome to Max International and TheMaxPro! Our goal is to assist you in getting started in a way that will help you immediately grow your organization. We recommend that you have  your starter kit and a pen handy to get the most out of this training. Triple Diamond Chad Statham will give you an overview of what you can expect from TheMaxPro.


Back Office Training

An essential part of your orientation is learning to navigate through your virtual office on the Max International website. All of your business will be conducted through www.max.com. Knowing where to go to run your business and how to access Max resources is essential to a successful business.


The Max Business Model

TheMaxPro has simplified the business plan for your business down to a two-by-two business model. Review the Business Model diagram, puts its three simple duplication steps into action, and you will create duplication that is unstoppable.


(I suggest here that we post the one page Business Model document, or a rendering of the image, with an explanation video showing the viewer how the model works.)



                                                 How does Max product work!